New SWANA Safety Tips for Landfill Employees

Publish Date: 8/15/2016

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August 15, 2016

 Wendy Melis
Marketing Director
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New SWANA Safety Tips for Landfill Employees

Silver Spring, MD – One of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)’s goals for the future is making sure the waste industry moves off the federal government’s list of the top dangerous jobs in the United States. With this mission in mind, SWANA developed new safety tips for landfill employees on August 12, 2016. The Five to Stay Alive provides a useful set of guidelines, which landfill employees should follow to reduce accidents and injuries on the job.

SWANA Executive Director David Biderman stated, “Landfills pose a variety of health and safety risks to the employees who work there, as well as drivers who dispose waste there. SWANA requests that landfill operators utilize this free document in their safety training, and distribute it to their customers. The current safety performance of the waste industry, taken as a whole, is not acceptable, and SWANA will continue to provide useful safety resources and training to public and private sector employers and employees. Nothing we do is more important.”

SWANA hopes waste industry professionals will use this tool, in addition to its other safety resources, to continue efforts in creating a positive safety culture in the workplace because landfills can be a dangerous place, not only for workers, but also for customers.

Jesse Maxwell, SWANA eLearning and Advocacy Program Manager, stated, “we are committed to providing convenient, straight-forward safety training materials, like the “5 to Stay Alive” posters, to be used on the front-lines of the industry.”

Five to Stay Alive is available for download on the SWANA website in flyer, poster and social media banner formats for easy sharing in promoting safety to colleagues and other industry professionals.

Download here .

For more information on SWANA's Safety Matters program, visit SWANA.org/safety .


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