SWANA Member, Jim Warner, Wins Distinguished Individual Achievement Award

Publish Date: 2/23/2017

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February 23, 2017

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SWANA Member, Jim Warner, Wins Distinguished Individual Achievement Award
Presented at SWANA's 2017 Senior Executive Seminar

Silver Spring, MD – The Solid Waste Association of North America's (SWANA) Planning and Management Technical Division has given its annual Distinguished Individual Achievement Award to James D. Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA), Pennsylvania. The award was presented at SWANA's Senior Executive Seminar in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, February 20, 2017.

“The Distinguished Individual Achievement Award gives peer recognition to a person who has made significant contributions to the solid waste industry,” said Scott Pasternak, director of the volunteer technical division that selected Jim for this award. “We chose Jim Warner for this honor due to his successful efforts in building LCSWMA as an innovative organization. SWANA members look to Jim and his organization for cutting-edge ideas on how to think about solid waste as a resource for renewable energy and clean power.”

Jim Warner is a 32-year veteran of the solid waste industry. He began his career in 1985 as a recycling coordinator in New Jersey, before joining the LCSWMA in 1987 as the first county recycling coordinator in Pennsylvania. Jim took the reigns as CEO of the authority in 1996.

During the last 20 years as CEO, Jim led LCSWMA through many crucial and strategic moves to position the organization as an industry leader. Under Jim’s direction, and through his innovative thinking, LCSWMA grew financially (currently AA- S&P Rating) and invested in resources and projects that not only fulfill its core mission, but also enhance the livability of the local community it serves.

With an annual operating budget of $79 million and total assets of $316 million, LCSWMA manages more than 950,000 tons of municipal solid waste each year with its nationally recognized integrated system, including two waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities that serve South Central Pennsylvania. This advanced system also involves the active management of a robust renewable energy portfolio; thus requiring LCSWMA to stay abreast of clean power legislation and current energy market trends.

In total, LCSWMA’s integrated system includes three facilities in Lancaster County comprised of a 2,200-tons-per-day transfer station; 1,200-tons-per-day mass burn WTE facility; and 2,000 tons per day landfill. Additionally, LCSWMA owns an 850-tons-per-day mass burn WTE facility located in Harrisburg, Dauphin County. Collectively the system serves about 810,000 residents in two counties.

Beyond working to transform waste into a resource, Jim also serves on the board of directors for many local economic and community organizations, as well as actively participating in SWANA, where he previously served as president of the International Board of Directors from 2011-2012.

Jim holds a Bachelor's degree in education from Millersville University and a Master's degree in geo-environmental studies from Shippensburg University.

To learn more about SWANA’s Distinguished Individual Achievement Award program, visit swana.org/awards/DIAA.


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