SWANA To Update Three Training And Certification Courses

Publish Date: 6/8/2007

News Updates

As directed by its International Board, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has begun work updating three of its current training courses: Construction & Demolition Debris, Managing MSW Recycling Systems and Managing Transfer Systems. SWANA has taken steps to develop a Body of Knowledge (BOK) for each of the three courses, each will contain the compendium of the skills, knowledge, and abilities that a manager of a given program should possess in order to successfully run that program.

In order to develop these BOKs, SWANA is reaching out to individuals who work and/or manage a recycling system, construction & demolition debris site, or a transfer station to complete the appropriate survey for their job function. Each survey will take between 15-40 minutes and contains up to 190 items for evaluation. This is an opportunity for solid waste professionals in these three fields to play a direct role in the shaping of their respective training and certification programs.

To complete one of the three surveys follow the appropriate link below:

Managing Recycling Systems


Managing Transfer Systems


Construction & Demolition Debris


About SWANA:

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