Curbside Collection of Residential Food Waste

Publish Date: 2008

The purpose of this research memorandum is to provide solid waste recycling managers with up to date technical and programmatic information regarding the curbside collection of food waste from residential customers living in single-family households.

The high waste diversion goals mandated or recommended in many United States or Canadian provinces have prompted recycling managers to consider the diversion of food wastes, as well as other organic waste stream components, through the implementation of residential food waste collection and composting programs.

The SWANA Applied Research Foundation’s (ARF) Recycling Group decided to target this topic for investigation during Fiscal 2008 (September 2007 through August 2008). This research memorandum presents the results of background research conducted for this project with input and guidance provided by the ARF Recycling FY2008 Group Subscribers.

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