Waste-To-Energy and the Solid Waste Management Hierarchy

Publish Date: 2008

The SWANA Applied Research Foundation’s (ARF) Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Group identified the issue of the waste-to-energy’s ranking in the solid waste management hierarchy as one of high importance to the group.

The purpose of the solid waste management hierarchy is to provide a ranking of the most preferable ways to manage solid waste based on environmental merits. The ARF WTE Group felt that SWANA should write a position paper, not only to explain the role that WTE can play in an integrated solid waste management system, but also to register some criticisms and concerns regarding the current waste management hierarchy as published by EPA and several individual states. It is hoped that this position paper will be used by decision makers to help expand their understanding of some basic considerations for integrated solid waste management systems.

Five organizations subscribed to the SWANA ARF’s WTE group in FY2008, each of which made a funding commitment to the conduct of collective applied research in the WTE area.1 A listing of the five WTE Group subscribers.

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