The Solid Waste Manager’s Guide to the Bioreactor Landfill

Publish Date: 2009

This report has been prepared to provide solid waste managers with up-to-date information andguidance on the bioreactor landfill. A report entitled ?The Solid Waste Manager’s Guide to the Bioreactor Landfill? was developed by the SWANA Applied Research Foundation’s (ARF) Disposal Group and published in 2002. Since that time, a number of important developments have occurred including:

  • The promulgation of the ?Research, Development, and Demonstration? (RD&D) rule by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in March 2004, which allowed states to issue permits for landfills to operate as bioreactors over a defined period.
  • The publication of the final report on the Yolo County Bioreactor Project in 2006.
  • The publication of a technical/regulatory guideline on bioreactor landfills by the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council in February 2006.
  • The completion of the Florida Bioreactor Demonstration Project in July 2008 with the issuance of a 10-volume report.
  • The publication of three USEPA bioreactor landfill reports: a ?state of the practice? report in 2005 and two bioreactor performance reports (2007 and 2009).

In light of these developments, the SWANA ARF’s FY2009 Disposal Group felt that it would be timely for the Foundation to update the 2002 report.

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