The Long-Term Management and Care

Publish Date: 2010

This report has been prepared to provide solid waste managers with up-to-date information and guidance on the long-term management and care of closed Subtitle D landfills. This research need, which was submitted by the City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and voted on for selection by the SWANA Applied Research Foundation's FY2010 Disposal Group, was described as follows:

The recent FY2008 Applied Research Foundation publication “Long-Term Environmental Risks of Subtitle D Landfills” provides good insight into the performance of the landfilling technology currently in wide use. Because questions remain concerning the need and funding for long-term care of these facilities, stabilization of the waste mass, etc., it seems logical to continue researching these and related topics. Some of the issues that could be addressed with continued research include:

  • Closer examination of the timing of final cover placement, expanded use of interim covers, and length of post-closure period;
  • Alternative interim and final cover systems, perhaps engineered to allow more infiltration;
  • Practical application of leachate recirculation, bioreactor operations, or other methods to accelerate stabilization of the landfilled waste;
  • Custodial care following post-closure: How should we define and fund this? What are state regulatory agencies doing?

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