2010 Solid Waste Managers’ Salary Survey

Publish Date: 2011

The municipal solid waste services industry in the United States has been estimated to be a $52 billion per year business.1 A significant portion of this business is directed and managed by public sector solid waste executives and managers. Public sector solid waste professionals:

  • Own and operate some of the largest landfills in the United States.
  • Are responsible for multi-million dollar budgets.
  • Manage a multiplicity of essential daily programs and services.
  • Answer directly to the public and local elected officials for solid waste issues and problems.

In fiscal year 2007 (FY2007), SWANA initiated a new project • The Public Sector Solid Waste Managers Salary Survey.2 Through this ongoing project, SWANA will periodically collect, analyze, and disseminate up-to-date information and data on the salaries and benefits of public sector solid waste managers that can be used to ensure that they receive fair compensation based on their education, experience, and responsibilities. SWANA hopes that this survey will become the most trusted industry measure of competitive compensation and benefits available.

Specifically, SWANA’s intent is to survey public sector solid waste managers employed by authorities, districts, county and municipal governments, and other public sector organizations on a regular basis to collect and compile information for the following areas:

  • Required Qualifications, including Education and Experience.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Compensation.
  • Fringe and other Benefits.

The goal of the survey is to collect, compile, analyze, and report on the compensation and other benefits paid to public sector solid waste managers based upon specific organizational characteristics including:

  • Total Budget.
  • Job Responsibilities.
  • Number of employees.
  • Years in Position.
  • Geographic Location.

This report presents an update of the SWANA Salary Survey report published in 2008 and provides salary and other compensation-related data for FY2010.

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