Collection of Organic Wastes from High-Rise Buildings

Publish Date: 2012

The purpose of this research memorandum is to provide recycling managers with up-to-date technical and programmatic information regarding the collection of food and other organic wastes from "high-rise" apartment buildings and apartment complexes.

This research need, which was submitted by North Vancouver, British Columbia, and selected by the SWANA Applied Research Foundation's Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Recycling Group, was described as follows:

"Collection of food waste from single-family homes is expanding rapidly but there are distinct challenges in implementing multi-family food scrap collection programs. Types of collection containers, location of the containers, in-home food scrap containers, contamination, odors, vectors, frequency of collection, etc. are just some of the issues facing municipalities. There are a number of municipalities that have started food scrap collection from multi-family homes. How do they do it?"

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