Transfer Station Management eCourse

Publish Date: 2017

Transfer Station Management eCourse

eCourse Description
The Transfer Station Management (TMS) course addresses factors in planning, design, operation and management of a transfer station. You will learn how a well-planned, designed and operated transfer station provides advantages and flexibility to a waste management system. Discussion of how effective communication with the public and regulators helps mitigate challenges in planning and operating a transfer station, and how planning and design affect construction and operation.

Who Should Attend
Solid Waste directors/supervisors, Transfer Station managers, developers, and consulting engineers will benefit from this course.

eCourse Objectives
After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand and discuss the steps, factors, local requirements in site selection and development and conceptual design
  • Describe site specific characteristics such as building design, peak flows, waste processing and hauling technologies
  • Implement procedures in protecting transfer station property, identifying problematic waste and compliance requirements
  • Minimize risk to personnel, maintain and properly use diverse equipment
  • Understand regulatory compliance requirements and develop a comprehensive recordkeeping program are incorporated
  • Employ proactive communication with employers, customers, and general public

The course serves as preparation for the Transfer Station Management certification exam and as a standalone course.

SWANA Certified Instructors:
  • Joe Williams, Principal, Common Sense Consulting, Franklin, Tennessee
  • Josephine Valencia, Assistant Director-Solid Waste Management, City of San Antonio, Texas

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  • Immediate access to 8 video recordings and 14 PDFs.
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  • 30 CEUs upon completion of eCourse

Purchase of this eCourse does not include the Transfer Station Management Certification Exam.

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