I Want To Be Recycled Campaign

Publish Date: 2013

Cecile Carson, Senior Director of Affiliate Development, Keep America Beautiful

An in-depth look at new national recycling PSA from Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council

The first national Public Service Advertisement (PSA) campaign from Keep America Beautiful (KAB) since “the crying Indian” of the 1970’s is debuting across the nation, and KAB hosted an in-depth webinar to highlight details of its development and distribution.

Created in partnership with the Advertising Council, the new radio, television and Out of Home (OOH) ads for “I Want To Be Recycled” contain a unique and relevant message to today’s consumer. Based on research and expert interviews, the message developed is designed to make an emotional connection to motivate consumers to recycle. The PSA’s encourage consumers to recycle with the tagline, “Give your garbage another life. Recycle.”

Through the campaign and the IWantToBeRecycled.org website, the PSA is designed to educate and motivate people to recycle by pr\oviding information on what materials can become when they are recycled. Just as importantly, it also provides easily accessible information on what, where and when to recycle

Join this webinar to better understand the purpose of the campaign, the research findings that informed the creative aspects, and most importantly, how you can utilize the materials and support local activation.

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