10 Ways to Reduce Accidents and Injuries

Publish Date: 2015

David Biderman, CEO & Executive Director, SWANA


This SWANA Webinar, presented by new SWANA CEO & Executive Director David Biderman, provides practical advice that solid waste managers and supervisors can put into action. As one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States, a commitment to improved safety should be a top priority for everyone in waste collection, processing, and disposal.

David shared some of the knowledge he has gained through his years of work advancing awareness on safety issues in the industry. This includes reporting on recent data and discussing where accidents, and particularly fatal accidents, are occurring most often in the industry. David focuses his presentation on ways to engage with drivers and frontline workers, and especially those at smaller employers which suffer accidents disproportionally. The value of reviewing accident data, consistently enforcing and observing safety standards, and creating a culture in which safety resources and communication resources are regularly utilized are all discussed. .

David also reviews SWANA's plans to expand its safety program, consistent with its new strategic plan, and requests feedback from participants on what safety challenges they are facing. .

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