Improving Collection Services Satisfaction

Publish Date: 2016

Claudia Marsales, Senior Manager, Waste & Environmental Management, City of Markham, ON

Waste collection is one of the most fundamental services a municipality offers and getting it right requires appreciated, empowered workers. In 2004, The City of Markham launched a community call centre that allowed the Waste Management Department to track waste collection performance, based on complaints. To improve collection satisfaction, Markham decided to move from negative complaints based contract management to Positive Contract Management. Since the introduction of this program, the City of Markham has seen a 71% decrease in resident complaints regarding the waste service. The system consists of two components: the first is positive recognition and appreciation for the waste collection staff and the second is an awareness education program for residents.

This webinar covers how the City of Markham implemented a system to increase overall collection satisfaction. It includeS the reasons behind introducing this system as well as the techniques used to achieve such strong positive results.

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