Recycling: Cracking the Quality Nut

Publish Date: 2017

Jason Hale, Communications Lead, The Recycling Partnership
Gunther Wellenstein, Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator, Lowell, MA

“bigger • better - faster • stronger • more • moRE • MORE

That’s been the overarching mantra of recycling for some years now, but in the race for quantity, quality began to take a backseat. Like bad gasoline in souped-up engine, the system started struggling to maintain peak efficiency. It’s a national story told at the local level.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, communities are fighting contamination and winning. A national recycling nonprofit is on team, along with a host of others. In this SWANA Webinar you'll learn about one community’s story of cracking the quality nut. Which tools worked? How well? What were the keys? How long did it take? How does it apply to you?

This event shows you how to make gains in quality of recyclable material as a community or MRF, as well as what to expect from the quality improvement process. You’ll see what tools, approaches and data can help pave the way to bring quality back into the equation.

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