Using Falconry to Take Control of Wildlife in Landfills

Publish Date: 2016

Stephen Bucciarelli, President, Predator Bird Services, Inc.

Birds and other wildlife create a number of issues that often prove problematic for landfill operators. The associated safety risks and pressure from unhappy neighbors, employees and regulators can make wildlife an unnecessary burden. Learn an effective (and interesting!) technique to reduce this burden.

This SWANA Webinar will help landfill operators determine how to control wildlife at their site. In it, we'll explore up-to-date wildlife management techniques and provide insight on ways you can use them on your site. Learn and see how live raptors are bringing clear skies to landfills all over North America.

If you want to learn how to improve the wildlife control techniques you are currently using to be more effective, and have little to no wildlife issues at your landfill, then this is a can't miss event.

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