SWANA Chapters are now eligible to become subscribers of the SWANA Applied Research Foundation.

In addition to other benefits described below, chapter members receive free, unlimited access to all the research reports developed during each year that the chapter participates as a subscriber. Chapter members are able to purchase any of the 35 reports from past years at a 50% discount rate.

The annual subscription fee for SWANA chapters is $10 per Chapter Member per year. Chapters may join more than one research group at an additional fee that is a 50% discounted rate of $5 per Chapter Member per year.

This fee enables the chapter to join one of Foundation's four research groups:

  • Collection
  • Recycling
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Landfill Disposal

Chapter Member Benefits

Chapter Subscribers join other subscriber organizations by being directly involved in the foundation's research through:

  • Designating an ARF Chapter Delegate to represent the chapter in the foundation and communicate the foundation's activities with the chapter
  • Submitting and voting on research topics
  • Participating in project review meetings held in conjunction with related SWANA symposia
  • Networking with local government and private sector leaders on the research topic of interest
  • Providing research data and reviewing interim results and final work products

Join Now!

We invite your SWANA Chapter to take advantage of this new opportunity. Come join the North Carolina, Illinois and Iowa Chapters and 38 other organizations that are shaping the future of solid waste management through subscribing to the SWANA Applied Research Foundation.

For more information on how your local SWANA Chapter can join the foundation, please contact Jeremy O'Brien, P.E., Director of Applied Research, at jobrien@swana.org or 704-906-7269.