This page features Frequently Asked Questions designed to help you to better understand SWANA’s Applied Research Foundation.

Subscribers consist of public and private organizations that are directly or indirectly involved in the provision of municipal solid waste management services.

The reports are housed on the ARF Publications page. Once you add them to your shopping cart, ARF subscribers can “purchase” them at $0 by entering in a promotion code, supplied by Jeremy O’Brien, Director of Applied Research, who will verify your subscription. Contact Jeremy O’Brien at jobrien@swana.org for more information.

The Subscribers do! Each subscription year research topics are identified for each functional group (i.e., collection, waste reduction/recycling, waste-to-energy, disposal) by the subscribers who are members of that group. Subscribers in each group serve on a “Project Advisory Committee” during the research.

The research is conducted by SWANA staff, expert consultants and researchers.

Research projects are supported through subscribing member organizations’ annual subscription fees. Funds received from subscribers are held in reserve accounts with separate financial accounting for each subscriber category. Additional funds are solicited from other sources to leverage subscription dollars.

SWANA’s Executive Committee and International Board oversee the Applied Research Foundation.

Day-to-day management of the SWANA Applied Research Foundation is performed by Jeremy K. O’Brien, P.E., SWANA’s Director of Applied Research.