SWANA's Affinity Program

SWANA members will reap the savings from group-wide cost reductions and pre-negotiated discounts with trusted, reliable companies. Membership in SWANA does have its benefits and now, more savings, too.

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Preferred Vendors

Re-TRAC Connect

Re-TRAC Connect offers a configurable web-based solution that transforms the way local governments manage and measure their waste and recycling programs. The software uses intelligent online forms to streamline and standardize data collection. Re-TRAC offers a wide range of best practice reports to aggregate data, check key performance metrics, and monitor trends. Charts and graphs are easily exported to include in annual reports or shared with the public.

Do you want to collect better quality data and gain the insights you need to improve your program? If you’re ready to become one of the many local governments that have transformed how they manage their waste and recycling programs, Re-TRAC Connect is ready to join your team.

Blue Ridge Services, Inc.

Formed in 1988 by Neal Bolton, Blue Ridge Services is a professional consulting firm specializing in solid waste operations and efficiency improvement, facility management, planning, online media training, on-site training and environmental monitoring/maintenance. As a consulting company, Blue Ridge Services strives to provide clients with quality, cost-effective consulting and engineering services. Since 1988, we have had the in-house capability and proprietary platforms to provide practical and economical waste consulting services for our clients.

Our staff has worked at hundreds of waste facilities around the globe, including transfer stations, landfills, organics processing facilities and recycling centers. We have provided training for thousands of waste workers on issues related to safety, operations, efficiency, and management. Blue Ridge Services published The Handbook of Landfill Operations and The Handbook of Safety Operations, both authored by Neal Bolton. Our company has also developed the industry’s most comprehensive safety training program for landfills and transfer stations, and offers monthly online webinars and trainings.

Eureco Health Solutions

Eureco Health Solutions focuses on managing the individual health of employees in high risk occupations, and on building health as an asset into the DNA of our customer’s organizations by improving health risks relative to business productivity, continuity and bottom line. Through our extensive experience in both transportation and solid waste, we understand the many risks involved in waste collection.

Our specialty in managing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in commercial drivers gives employers an unprecedented ability to mitigate workforce risk at the individual level. Drivers at risk of OSA cost their employers on average $4,000 more per year compared to a driver that has been treated. With approximately 1/3 of drivers at risk, there are significant costs with not acting. Through our OSA program we can help your company to generate 4X ROI and reduce claims cost by as much as 80%. Ask us how!

Card Payment Processing

CPS has been specializing in working with Municipalities and Waste Removal Companies for over 10 years and is excited to bring that knowledge to SWANA members.

Concorde 2000

The solid waste industry is the fifth most hazardous industry in the United States. That needs to change sooner than later.

There are many steps an organization can take to mitigate risk and keep their employees and the public safe.

Hiring the right people by conducting Pre-Employment Background Checks, having compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing and Driver Medical Examination Programs, training their supervisors to recognize impaired behavior and maintaining Driver Qualification Files are great steps an organization can take to help make their operations safer.

Concorde offers these services; creating a safe work environment; as well as maintaining, protecting, and restoring employee health.

Concorde services the US and Canada.

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