SWANA Safety Resources

Natural Gas Vehicle Safety

SWANA, along with NGVAmerica, is proud to promote natural gas vehicle (NGV) safety initiatives to increase the commitment to workplace safety throughout the solid-waste industry and continue to keep these clean and affordable vehicles safely on the road.

Here you will find a whitepaper providing basic NGV knowledge and safety practices, and also a new fuel systems inspection guidance document.

Summertime Safety

With high temperatures, high humidity, and increased sun exposure, summertime offers many safety challenges to workers. The materials below provide information and helpful tips for preventing heat-related illnesses this season.



OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App

Canadian COHS

National Safety Council

Backing Best Management Practices Guide

According to industry and OSHA data, backing represents approximately 25% of all injuries and accidents in the solid waste collection industry. Use our poster and guide covering the industry’s best backing practices to educate employees to stay safe on the job.