Waste Screening at MSW Management Facilities (Spanish)

Waste Screening at MSW Management Facilities (English)

This course reviews the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, particularly Subtitle D, Part 258.20 and provides examples of methods and procedures to identify and screen waste at a MSW Disposal facility. The fundamental and practical elements of waste screening, types of equipment used, space requirements and handling of unacceptable waste are discussed.

Also available in English.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the goals and fundamentals of a waste screening program, federal, state and provincial regulations;
  • Define hazardous waste, identify waste generator categories, recognize exemptions to “hazardous” classification;
  • Understand standard operating procedures, including recordkeeping and reporting;
  • Know how to select random loads, identify unacceptable waste and radioactive materials;
  • Know the techniques for preparing a waste screening area, using personal protective equipment, and examples of typical tools and equipment used for waste screening; and
  • Know when to notify agencies, how to temporarily store unacceptable materials, and how to respond when acceptable and unacceptable wastes are identified.


The intended audience for this course is individuals responsible for waste screening operations such as gate attendants, landfill owners, operators, managers, supervisors, and foremen.

Course Content

The text for this course is Waste Screening at MSW Management Facilities. It is a comprehensive waste screening operations manual detailing the following topics with supplemental images, graphs and examples for participants to discuss.

The course consists of lecture, class activities, and exercises. This comprehensive manual details the following topics with supplemental images, graphs, examples and exercises. It serves as an on the job reference.

  • Waste Types to Screen and Prevent From Entering an MSW Disposal Facility
  • Fundamentals of Waste Screening
  • Practical elements of Waste Screening
  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Handling Unacceptable Wastes
  • Sample Random Load Checking Program
  • Glossary and List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
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