David Kaminski

Dave Kaminski

Senior Vice President, QED Environmental Systems, Inc.

For the past 36 years, David Kaminski has worked on the design and development of groundwater sampling systems and pumping systems for landfill leachate removal, landfill gas well dewatering, and groundwater remediation for projects across the world. He has a working knowledge of several sectors of the solid waste industry, having sold landfill liner systems, erosion control and geotextile fabrics, and trash compactors, loaders and haul trucks before joining QED, and systems for leachate pumping, landfill gas control and groundwater monitoring with QED.

Mr. Kaminski was elected chairman of SWANA’s Landfill Gas Extraction and Control Committee in 2012. He joined the Steering Committee of the Landfill Gas & Biogas Technical Division in 2016 and in July 2020 began a two-year term as the division’s Past Director. He has been a SWANA member for more than 10 years and is a frequent speaker and contributor. He holds affiliations with ASTM International, ISWA, National Groundwater Association, California Groundwater Resources Association, and is a faculty member for the Princeton Groundwater Pollution Hydrology course. In 2020, he was a MSW Management Legacy Award winner.