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Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Many in the solid waste industry are coping with health and safety risks related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Though information about the virus is still evolving, SWANA has issued a Guidance on Coronavirus document to provide guidance to the solid waste industry.

Download SWANA’s Guidance on Coronavirus document

OSHA Solid Waste Control and Prevention Guidance

Interim guidance for U.S. solid waste workers and employers of workers with potential occupational exposures to COVID-19.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC

Review the most up-to-date information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


EPA Enforcement Discretion Policy for COVID-19 Pandemic

EPA’s temporary enforcement discretion policy applies to civil violations during the COVID-19 outbreak.


How Media Can Contact SWANA about COVID-19

As the media continues to respond to the pandemic, it is important that waste and recycling is included in that narrative. SWANA is available to answer questions concerning how the waste and recycling collection system is managing health and safety risks for workers, and how the public can help ensure waste management continues safely and effectively.

Reach out to SWANA to:

  • Schedule an interview
  • Request other resources
  • Ask a question
Reach out to SWANA about COVID-19

Download COVID 19: Documents for Essential Waste and Recycling Workers

Download documents to demonstrate proof to law enforcement personnel that you work in an essential industry.

  • Template letter that can be provided to demonstrate a worker’s exemption
  • Memo for employers instructing them on use of the letter
  • Placard for display in worker vehicles

Download these documents for essential waste and recycling workers

Emergency, Stay-at-Home, and Non-Essential Business Closure Orders for COVID-19

Links to emergency orders and other information affecting the public and employers in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

View All Closure Orders