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Sanitation Workers Support Fund


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Thank You Sanitation Workers

Solid waste and recycling collection is a critical and essential part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The men and women working in the waste and recycling collection industry are on the front lines of protecting human health and the environment. SWANA is collaborating with Glad to support sanitation workers across the United States and Canada personally affected by COVID-19 through the Sanitation Workers Support Fund.

NOTICE: Due to the increase of applications, we anticipate delays in our review process. But we are fully committed to continue our work to help those that are affected by COVID-19. Thank you for your patience.

Application Deadline Extended to August 14, 2020

The Sanitation Workers Support Fund was established by Glad and SWANA to provide financial assistance to front-line solid waste and recycling collection workers impacted by COVID-19. Collection workers qualify if they:

  1. Have tested positive for COVID-19, with a demonstrated COVID-19-related inability to work and/or medical bills
  2. Were laid off because of COVID-19 and continue to be unemployed
  3. If an immediate family member was a solid waste or recycling collection worker and passed away, whether directly, or in combination with other health conditions, by COVID-19.

Applications will be accepted until August 14, 2020 and processed on a rolling basis. Please note, there will be a limit on the number of applications approved from any specific state, province, or country to ensure funds are distributed in an equitable manner across different locations..

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