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Coronavirus Resources

Here are resources SWANA has gathered to support solid waste workers, employers and customers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Caregiver loading syringe with vaccine

State-by-State List of US Vaccine Plans

How will each state roll out its plan for vaccine distribution and administration?

View full list here

Government of Canada Vaccine Information

Canada’s vaccine plan, rollout, and other information.

View page SWANA’s Letter to Health Agencies

US Government COVID-19 Guidance

Resources to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19.

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Vaccine Resource Center For Employers

Resources to aid employers with the COVID-19 vaccine that can also be used during flu season. Includes insights and model policies.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Essential Workers

This toolkit will help your organization educate employees about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination, and address questions and concerns.

View CDC Toolkit

COVID-19: Are we safe from our own trash?

A review of the risk of garbage belonging to people infected with SARS-CoV-2 as a potential source of community spread and a threat to sanitation workers.

Workplace COVID-19 Resources

Updated August 2, 2021

A list of general COVID-19 resources grouped by U.S. federal agency, a section with resources on reopening workplaces, and additional industry-specific COVID-19 resources grouped by industry.

Guide to Public to Protect Solid Waste Workers


The public can help protect the health of the men and women in the solid waste industry during this vital time by following the tips available in this guide.

ISWA Recommendations

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Waste Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The International Solid Waste Association considers three overall priorities for waste management during the period of the pandemic of COVID-19:

  • Ensure the continuity of the services
  • Adjusting recycling services
  • Ensure safe collection, disposal and treatment of healthcare waste
View ISWA’s recommendations

See additional ISWA COVID-19 resources »

Download COVID 19 Documents for Essential Waste and Recycling Workers

Download documents to demonstrate proof to law enforcement personnel that you work in an essential industry.

  • Template letter that can be provided to demonstrate a worker’s exemption
  • Memo for employers instructing them on use of the letter
  • Placard for display in worker vehicles

News on COVID-19

COVID-19 Webinars

COVID-19 Links