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Novice or veteran solid waste professional, achieve the goals you set for yourself with SWANA Training and Certification. Need help working smarter, incorporating best practices and new technologies, managing and leading better? SWANA can help.

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Have room to improve or learn something new? Our first-class training in core disciplines of the solid waste industry equips you with the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to ensure your operations and team members work efficiently and safely. We help you build a strong skill set of abilities, qualities, and experiences you can apply to perform better, become an expert in a certain topic, and progress in your career.

Spending time on improving your skills can help you achieve personal career goals, such as earning a promotion, improving your stature as a solid waste professional, and expanding your job opportunities in the industry.

Learn how you like to learn, at your pace, at your convenience. SWANA offers its first-class training through a variety of ways—international conferences, regional training centers, chapter events, a Training@Work program—and in various formats, including in-person training, live and recorded webinars, and OnDemand courses.

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Gain a competitive advantage. Distinguish yourself among your peers and in the industry through SWANA Certification. Recognized by several states as the standard for solid waste professionals, SWANA Certification identifies you as an asset within the industry and as a leader among your peers.

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Managing Construction & Demolition Materials

Mar 13, 2020, 17:57 PM
Title : Managing Construction & Demolition Materials
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This training course provides the knowledge required to manage construction and demolition (C&D) debris materials operations and addresses environmentally and economically sound design for recycling and disposal operations for C&D debris materials management. C&D debris represents a major component of the municipal solid waste stream. As we realize the magnitude of the debris stream, the recycling potential of its components, and the possible harm to the environment when mismanaged, understanding and knowing how to manage the C&D debris stream is increasingly important.

Upon Completion of this Course, Participants Should Be Able To:

  • Identify environmental and health impacts of C&D debris
  • Discuss how C&D debris is defined by federal statute
  • Describe the factors affecting C&D debris composition
  • Identify the types of markets used for recycling C&D debris
  • Explain the importance of landfills, landfill regulations, permitting, and design and layout
  • Illustrate characteristics of C&D landfill leachate, groundwater impacts, and monitoring
  • Identify trends in C&D management and influencing factors

Who Should Attend

  • Managers of local government solid waste operations that would like to add C&D debris processing to their existing solid waste recycling and disposal operations;
  • Private sector individuals that would like to establish commercial operations for the recycling and disposal of C&D debris;
  • Architects and engineers

Course Content

The course manual is Managing Construction and Demolition Materials. This comprehensive manual details the following topics with supplemental images, graphs, and examples for participants to discuss and acts as a reference tool back on the job.

  • Defining C&D materials
  • C&D Landfill Siting, Permitting, and Design
  • C&D Recycling Facility Layout and Operation
  • Operations Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Markets for Recovered Materials
  • Assessing Options for Recycling on the Job Site
  • C&D Debris Processing Equipment
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Trends in C&D Management

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  • Recycling
  • Recycling & Special Waste
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The debriefings are great!

“…really helps to hear what everyone else is doing and getting their feedback on what does and doesn’t work for them and why.”

– Kelly Vrooman County of Wellington, Ontario, Canada