Training & Certification

Become Certified

Steps to SWANA Certification

  1. Register and pay for an exam at a SWANA’s International Training Center or at a location convenient to the examinee. Check our calendar for upcoming testing centers. Exam fee for members is $250, $400 for non-members*
  2. Fill out a SWANA Certification Application
  3. Sit for the exam
  4. To receive a passing result you must achieve a 70% or higher. Result will be mailed to examinee within four–six weeks of the exam date.

Sit for a SWANA Certification Exam at a Convenient Location – Your Facility!

If you want to sit for a SWANA Certification exam, or need to retake it and can’t make it to a SWANA event due to time, travel or budget restrictions, SWANA has another alternative – Sit for the exam locally. Please read the procedures below.

  1. Send an email to requesting to arrange an exam in a convenient location. The email must contain the examinee’s name, exam discipline, testing location area and contact information. A confirming email will be sent.
  2. Find someone to proctor the exam. The proctor needs to be currently SWANA certified (does not have to be in the same exam discipline), cannot be related or work with the examinee.
  3. Once a proctor is found, request the individual to send an email to confirming he or she will proctor the exam. Upon receipt of the email, SWANA will send a Proctor Confidentiality Agreement to sign and return.
  4. SWANA will send the examinee a Testing Agreement to sign and return with payment. The exam fee is $275 for a member and $400 for a non-member*.
  5. Once a date and location is chosen and SWANA has received all the signed documents and exam fee, the exam materials will be sent via express courier to the proctor for the exam day.

*Fees are subject to change without notice