Excellence Awards

SWANA’s Excellence Awards Program recognizes outstanding solid waste programs and facilities with environmentally and economically sound solid waste management practices. Winners demonstrate effective technologies and processes in system design and operations, worker and community health and safety, and successful public education and outreach programs.

SWANA recognizes programs and facilities with Gold, Silver or Bronze awards in 13 categories:

Professional Achievement Awards

Over a decade ago, SWANA established its Annual Awards Program to recognize contributions to the Association, to solid waste management and to public health/environmental protection. The SWANA annual Awards Program recognizes individuals and their organizations for their contributions to the association, to solid waste management and public health/environmental protection.

SWANA Safety Awards

SWANA’s safety awards exemplify the solid waste industry’s profound commitment to improving employee safety through communication, best practices, increased company regulations, and accident review. These safety awards reflect SWANA’s continued commitment to worker safety.