SWANA Awards

SWANA Awards

SWANA’s Excellence Awards Program has been discontinued. For several decades, the program recognized outstanding solid waste programs and facilities that advanced the practice solid waste management, but with changes in SWANA’s strategic plan by the International Board, the program no longer met the association’s mission. A new award program is coming soon.

This page links you to winners from 2009–2018, when entries were submitted electronically. Prior entrants submitted notebooks of material that were distributed to judges. The notebooks are unwieldy to scan.

Professional Achievement Awards

Over a decade ago, SWANA established its Annual Awards Program to recognize contributions to the Association, to solid waste management and to public health/environmental protection. The SWANA annual Awards Program recognizes individuals and their organizations for their contributions to the association, to solid waste management and public health/environmental protection.

SWANA Safety Awards

SWANA’s safety awards exemplify the solid waste industry’s profound commitment to improving employee safety through communication, best practices, increased company regulations, and accident review. These safety awards reflect SWANA’s continued commitment to worker safety.