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YP Steering Committee

The Young Professional Steering Committee is a group of YPs who focus on national SWANA initiatives. Each YP Steering Committee member chairs an initiative as seen below..

Student Engagement

  • Hosts regular check-in meetings with student engagement team.
  • Manages the Hickman Endowment (e.g., ensuring delivery of commitments).
  • Manages student scholarship program.
  • Works with SWANA staff and chapters on advancing student groups.

Student Design Competition

  • Hosts regular check-in meetings with student design committee team.
  • Develops problem statement focus and managing Q&A.
  • Manages network development (e.g., participating institutions and judges).
  • Works with SWANA staff on promotion.
  • Manages execution of events (e.g., program, timing, budget, volunteers)

YP Conference Planning


Vacant Opening


General Steering Committee Commitments

  • Participates as an active member of the YP Steering Committee. This includes monthly conference calls and an average of two–four hours of work per month.
  • Represents the interests of all SWANA YP members.
  • Promotes YP member involvement in SWANA.
  • Works with SWANA staff and chapters on advancing student groups.

Conference Planning Chair Commitments

  • Plans YP activities at national conferences: WASTECON and SOAR.
  • Hosts regular conference check-in meetings.
  • Curates and submits YP Sessions for conferences.
  • Plans and implements conference event offerings (e.g., networking event, tours).
  • Coordinates conference volunteers and resources (e.g., budget, on-site volunteers).
  • as a member of the Conference Planning sub-committee.

YP Professional Development

Webinar Program Chair

Michael Pasciuto
  • Works with SWANA staff in advertising webinar programs.
  • Develops a recurring schedule and general guidelines on webinar program content.
  • Works with SWANA staff on how to best deliver webinars.
  • Hosts/moderates OR finds moderators for webinars.
  • Hosts as-needed meetings.
  • Provides updates during monthly calls.

YP Awards and Recognition Program Chair

Hailey Tatum
  • Develops awards and YP recognition program-related packets.
  • Advertises calls-for-nomination in collaboration with SWANA staff.
  • Develops selection criteria and selection committee guidelines.
  • Assists SWANA staff as needed throughout the awards process.
  • Host as-needed meetings.
  • Provides updates during monthly calls.

YP Representation


Wes Glakas
  • Hosts as-needed regular check-in meetings with regional representation team.
  • Manages Regional Reps (e.g., identifying candidates, coordinating communication).
  • Fosters engagement with chapter liaisons.
  • Manages technical division reps.
  • Recruits YP Steering Committee members.