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Technical and Management Policies

SWANA Technical Policies

Technical Policies set forth positions SWANA takes on the various technical aspects associated with the field of solid waste management. These are reviewed and approved by the SWANA Board of Directors and represent the guiding principles for SWANA advocacy and comments.

SWANA Technical Policies are free and available to the general public.

Title Type Size
SWANA Abbreviated Policy Position Statements pdf 527 KB Download
SWANA Consolidated Technical Policies pdf 6310 KB Download
T-0 - Definitions pdf 298 KB Download
T-01- Integrated Solid Waste Management pdf 90 KB Download
T-02 - Solid Waste Reduction pdf 113 KB Download
T-02.1 - Product Stewardship pdf 145 KB Download
T-02.2 - Deposit Systems pdf 155 KB Download
T-03 - Strategic Planning pdf 130 KB Download
T-03.1 - Resource Recovery pdf 100 KB Download
T-03.2 - Role of State Local Government pdf 149 KB Download
T-03.3 - Role of Public Sector pdf 84 KB Download
T-03.4 - Ownership of MSW Systems pdf 139 KB Download
T-03.5 - Environmental Justice Equity in Siting MSW Facilities pdf 91 KB Download
T-03.6 - SW Disposal Bans pdf 149 KB Download
T-04 - Funding Managing Operating SW Management Systems pdf 126 KB Download
T-04.1 - Contracting MSW Management Services pdf 212 KB Download
T-04.2 - Full Cost Accounting for MSW Systems pdf 80 KB Download
T-05 - Regulation of MSW Storage Collection Transportation pdf 216 KB Download
T-05.1 - Import Export of MSW pdf 96 KB Download
T-05.2 - Flow Control of MSW pdf 104 KB Download
T-06 - Recycling as Part of ISWM pdf 130 KB Download
T-06.1 - MSW Recycling pdf 153 KB Download
T-06.2 - Safe Recycling of Mercury Containing Lamps pdf 710 KB Download
T-06.3 - Safe Recycling of Electronic Waste pdf 700 KB Download
T-06.4 - Measuring Recycling pdf 89 KB Download
T-07 - Organics Management as Part of ISWM pdf 133 KB Download
T-08 - Waste-to-Energy as Part of ISWM pdf 245 KB Download
T-09 - Sanitary Landfill Component of ISWM pdf 181 KB Download
T-09.1 - Providing Financial Assurance for MSW Disposal Facilities pdf 197 KB Download
T-09.2 - Alternative Daily Cover Materials for Landfills pdf 119 KB Download
T-09.3 - Termination of SW Landfill Post-Closure Care Requirements pdf 3454 KB Download
T-09.4 - Long Term Management of MSW Landfills pdf 157 KB Download
T-10 - Safe Disposal of Household Pharmaceuticals pdf 124 KB Download
T-11 - Conversion Technologies as Part of ISWM pdf 244 KB Download

SWANA Management and Administrative Policies

Management and Administrative (MA) Policies cover the policies and procedures for all SWANA member, directors, officers, chapters, regions, and staff. New MA policies or revisions are originated by either the Executive Director/ CEO, a member of the Board of Directors, or the chair of a standing committee. The originator does not have to be the primary author, but must be the person responsible for completing the MA-0 process.

SWANA Management and Administrative Policies are only available to SWANA members.