Applied Research Foundation Subscriber Benefits

Stay Informed with the SWANA Applied Research Foundation

Subscribers provide annual penny per ton contributions—based on the amount of waste that they manage. They support and participate in the Foundation’s research activities.

Subscribers to the SWANA Applied Research Foundation have many extra opportunities.

ARF Subscribers benefit by

  • Identifying, submitting, and voting on research topics
  • Participating in project review meetings
  • Networking with leaders on topics of interest
  • Learning about other programs and experiences
  • Having direct and early access to interim results and final work products
  • Receiving research reports from all research groups free of charge as soon as they are published

ARF Subscriber Categories

  1. Solid Waste Service Providers – public and private organizations providing solid waste services
  2. Corporate Subscribers – organizations that provide solid waste management services, consulting services, or equipment
  3. SWANA Chapters

As an ARF subscriber, you can help shape the future of the solid waste industry

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