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Applied Research Foundation Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers to the SWANA Applied Research Foundation Have Extra Opportunities

  • Define, submit and vote on research topics
  • Participate in project review meetings held in conjunction with related SWANA symposia
  • Network with local government and private sector leaders on the research topic in your area of interest
  • Have direct access to interim results and final work products of the project during the subscription year
  • Access research products from all research groups free of charge

Categories of SWANA Applied Research Foundation Subscribers

  1. Solid Waste Service Providers are public and private organizations that provide solid waste services
  2. Corporate Subscribers typically provide solid waste management services, consulting services, or equipment to the solid waste industry

SWANA Applied Research Foundation Subscriber Groups

  • Collection
  • Disposal
  • Sustainable Materials Management
  • Waste Conversion and Energy Recovery

As an ARF subscriber, you can help shape the future of the solid waste industry

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