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Welcome to the SWANA certification preparation page, where we provide you with comprehensive insights into the qualifications and prerequisites necessary to embark on a journey toward professional certification in the solid waste industry.

SWANA is committed to setting industry standards and ensuring that professionals in this field are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to excel in their careers. Whether you’re seeking to become a Certified Recycling Systems Manager, a Manager of Landfill Operations, or another specialized certification, our certification exams are designed to elevate your skills and enhance your career prospects.

Discover the essential requirements and pathways to certification that will empower you to make a meaningful impact in the world of waste management and environmental sustainability.

  • Certification Requirements for Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO)

    Experience Education Level
    Minimum five (5) years of experience in MSW ManagementHigh School Degree or GED
    Minimum four (4) years of experience in MSW ManagementTwo-year degree in Civil Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Health, Environmental Science, Public Administration, or related or equivalent fields
    Minimum three (3) years of experience in MSW ManagementFour-year Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Health, Environmental Science, Public Administration, or related or equivalent fields

    Management/Supervisory Requirements

    • Minimum of two (2) years experience in management/supervisory position related to discipline
    • Direct responsibility for daily operations related to discipline (For instance, compliance with design and permit conditions, utilization of field equipment and services, personnel management, utilization and retention, responses to regulatory agencies, and budgeting.)

    Note: Applications that do not include the requisite number of years of experience will be denied.

  • Certification Requirements for all other SWANA disciplines

    • High School degree or GED
    • Minimum one year of experience working in the solid waste industry OR a two-year associate degree or bachelor's degree in a related field (Civil Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Health, Environmental Science, Public Administration, or equivalent fields).

    Please review the experience requirements closely for the discipline(s) in which you seek certification. If you do not have the requisite experience, your application will be denied.

Preparing for Certification

Individuals seeking certification should note that attending a training course does NOT guarantee success on a certification exam. Passing a certification exam requires amassing knowledge, skills, and abilities over time from a variety of sources; no one course provides all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to pass a certification exam. Knowledge is gained over time from years of experience in the field; online courses, webinars, and podcasts; in-person seminars and events; hands-on workshops; on-the-job training; local, regional, and national conferences; mentoring programs; trade publications; and more.


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Online Exam Results and Certificates

Once you begin your exam, you will have a maximum of three (3) hours to complete it. The minimum score to pass is 70%. Results are emailed within 24 hours. Those who successfully pass will receive instructions on how to print their certificate.

Online Exam Re-Takes

Those who do not pass can re-register and take the exam immediately. The full registration fee applies to each re-take. There is no limit on the number of times you may re-take an exam.

Technical Support

In North America, technical assistance is available Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET at 1.866.348.7888 or Outside North America, contact during business hours. We recommend taking your exam during business hours in case technical support is needed. SWANA staff cannot help you with technical issues during testing.