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Landfill Management Technical Division

2023 Technical Division Award

Accepting nominations through November 1, 2022

With more than 1,000 members, SWANA’s Landfill Management Division remains one of the largest and most active technical divisions.

The SWANA Landfill Management Technical Division (LFMTD) is committed to:

  • Increasing awareness of the essential role that landfills play in integrated solid waste management systems
  • Fostering environmentally protective development for safe and efficient operations of landfills through education and advocacy
  • Addressing landfill related critical issues through subcommittees
  • Performing as the medium among various groups of professionals within the landfill management profession
  • Promoting transfer of knowledge to solid waste young professionals
  • Promoting practices that sustainably protect public health and safety in the disposal and long-term management of solid wastes

Landfill Management Technical Division Leadership

Advisory Board Delegate


Ms. Lynsey K. Baer, S.C.,P.E.,BCEE
Chief of Engineering, Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA)

Past Director


Mr. Timothy D. Mitchell, P.E.
Project Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC)

Tech Division Director

Mr. Dave Vladic
Vice President Engineering & Environmental Compliance, Republic Services

Young Professional Director

Mr. Paul Shamoian
Project Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.


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Landfill Management Technical Division Committees

Awards Committee

The Landfill Management Technical Division Awards committee evaluates nominations and presents SWANA Awards.

View Landfill Management TD Awards

Bioreactor Committee

The Bioreactor Committee monitors the continued development of bioreactor technology in the U.S. and provides a review of new federal regulations, as appropriate.

Landfill Health & Safety Committee

Encourages the presentation of specific topics at international and regional SWANA symposia, online training sessions and appropriate technical division bulletins.

Landfill Rebranding Committee

The Landfill Rebranding Committee is a joint effort between the Landfill Management Technical Division and the Communication, Education, and Marketing Technical Division. The Committee focuses on how to communicate more effectively about the role of landfills within integrated solid waste management systems. Committee work includes development of programming for SOAR and WASTECON; tracking and reviewing landfill data; and finding, sharing, and curating case study information.

Leachate and Landfill Liquids Committee

Addresses leachate treatment costs, which represent one of the largest (if not the largest) cost category for many landfills. In addition, wastewater discharge regulations are tightening and, as a result, there’s a growing interest in and need for on-site treatment.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee

Tracks current and pending legislation at the federal and state levels, providing comments and writing letters to elected officials in support of SWANA’s stance on key issues.

Program Committee

Develops and oversees the Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division’s technical programs at WASTECON®. The committee also suggests future conference sites, technical presentations and tours for SWANApalooza. Members also can serve as moderators for technical sessions and contribute to the topic and speaker selection process for SWANA's regular Webinars.

Training Committee

Provides training and education through courses and publications, assuring program quality. Courses have included:

  • Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) Certification Course
  • Manager of Bioreactor Landfill Operations Certification Course
  • Landfill Operational Issues