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Safety Training

Blue Ridge Services: Safety Training for the Solid Waste Industry

SWANA has partnered with Blue Ridge Services, Inc. to bring you comprehensive safety training for solid waste industry workers and operators. Safety is a big deal, especially at waste facilities, where the mix of heavy equipment, traffic and waste can often spell disaster for the untrained worker.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 95 deaths in 2018 related to the solid waste management industry. You have a responsibility to your employees, your customers and yourself to know the safety hazards and know how to protect against injury and damage.


On-Demand Subscriptions

There are two options for on-demand subscriptions.

The first is designed for landfills and transfer stations, and includes 70 topics for landfill workers, 30 for transfer station workers, 40+ pre-recorded webinars, and a two-hour compaction training video.

The second option is for waste collections workers and includes 10 custom videos as well as 40+ pre-recorded webinars.

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