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Free ARF Resources

Free to the General Public

SWANA's Applied Research Foundation (ARF) makes executive summaries of their reports free to the general public. Use the links below to download them.


Recruiting Personnel for Solid Waste Collection Services

Latest trucking statistics show that the shortage of over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers in the U.S. is at the highest level it has been in 15 years–a driver shortage mirrored in the waste collection industry.

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Employee, Commercial Hauler, and Self-Hauler Safety at Landfills

The SWANA Applied Research Foundation’s Disposal Group report presents best practices to keep employees safe at landfills, as well as best practices that landfill managers can implement at their facilities to improve hauler safety.

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Fire Prevention and Control at WTE Facilities

SWANA urges WTE facility managers to minimize future fire risks and impacts at their facilities by following the recommendations presented in this report.

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Resetting Curbside Recycling Programs in the Wake of China

The SWANA Applied Research Foundation’s Recycling Group report provides solid waste managers with up-to-date information and guidance on how to reset curbside recycling programs in the wake of the China National Sword policy.

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Service Options for the Curbside Collection of Residential Yard Waste

The report used the city of Charlotte, North Carolina as a model to provide an analysis of the city’s current program and explore new yard waste collection options.

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Thermal Treatment of Residual Waste: Lessons from Europe

The report investigates why developed countries in Western Europe have embraced thermal treatment and are processing 97 million tons of residual waste in over 500 WTE facilities located in 22 countries.

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