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Core Advocacy Group

The SWANA Core Advocacy Group was established to encourage communication and collaboration among the different parts of our overall structure. Membership consists of Chapter Liaisons, the Technical Division Advocacy Committee, SWANA Executive Staff and the General Counsel. This group is intended to ensure consistency among SWANA advocacy positions at the federal, state, provincial and local levels, where appropriate and possible. The Core Advocacy Group also serves as a resource for information and updates to the chapter and technical division members they represent.

Technical Division Advocacy Committee

Technical DivisionAdvocacy Rep Affiliation
Collection & Transfer Mr. James R. Miller JRMA Architects Engineers
Communication, Education & Marketing Ms. Ramona Simpson, S.C. Town of Queen Creek
Landfill Gas and Biogas Ms. Amy Banister Waste Management (HQ)
Landfill Management Mr. Nathan P. Mayer, PE Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach Co
Planning & Management Ms. Constance Hornig Constance Hornig Law Offices
Sustainable Materials Management Maia Corbitt Texans for Clean Water
Waste Conversion and Energy Recovery Mr. Greg H. Gesell HDR (HQ)

Chapter Liaisons

Chapter Advocacy Liaison
Alabama Chapter Mr. Phillip Davis, P.E.
Alaska Chapter Lori Aldrich
Arizona Chapter Mr. David Bennett
Arkansas Chapter Ms. Wendy Bland
Beaver Chapter Andrea Fogue
Caribbean Puerto Rico Chapter Mr. Jorge Alexis Melendez
Central California Sierra Chapter Eric Zetz
Colorado Rocky Mountain Chapter Mr. Neil C. Nowak, P.E.
Florida Sunshine Chapter Mr. Willie Puz
Georgia Chapter Ms. Abby M. Goldsmith
Illinois Land of Lincoln Chapter Mr. Jesse Varsho, P.E., P.G.
Illinois Land of Lincoln Chapter Chris Hostetler
Indiana Hoosier Chapter Mr. Curt Publow, S.C.
Indiana Hoosier Chapter Ms. Debbie Hackman, S.C.
Iowa Chapter Mr. Garrett Prestegard
Kansas Sunflower Chapter Mr. Michael Tabor
Michigan Chapter Mr. Darwin J. Baas, MPA
Mid-Atlantic Chapter Mr. Jacob Shepherd
Minnesota Land of Lakes Chapter Angela Trygg
Mississippi Chapter Ms. Kate Victor
Nebraska Cornhusker Chapter Mr. Kent E. Holm
New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter Mr. Charles W. Fiedler, P.E.
New York Chapter Mrs. Debra A. Smith
New York Chapter Mr. Bruce Howie, PE
Northern California Gold Rush Chapter Mr. Larry D. Sweetser, S.C.
Northern Lights Chapter Ms. Sheri Praski, S.C.
Ohio Buckeye Chapter Ms. Kathy Trent
Oklahoma Indian Nations Chapter Mr. R. Fenton Rood, S.C.
Pacific Basin Chapter Jude Untalan Hofschneider
Pacific Chapter - BC and Yukon Ms. Karen Storry
Pacific Chapter - BC and Yukon Mr. Scott Hoekstra, S.C.
Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter Mr. Charles Raudenbush, Jr.
Quebec Chapter Mr. Thibaud Daoust
South Carolina Palmetto Chapter Ms. Juli Blalock
Southern California Founding Chapter Ms. Susan Moulton
Southern California Founding Chapter Mr. Frank R. Caponi
Southern New England Chapter Mr. Philip A. Goddard, S.C.
Southern New England Chapter Mr. Brian N. Card, P.E.
Utah Beehive Chapter Mr. Nathan Rich
Washington Evergreen Chapter Mr. Ian KM Sutton
Wisconsin Badger Chapter Mr. Mark J. Torresani