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Membership in your local chapter is one of SWANA’s most valuable benefits. Each of our current 47 chapters was formed with one goal in mind: to give you, as a member, a unified voice where it matters most; your own back yard.

Involvement in Your Local SWANA Chapter Means

  • Involvement in your community
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounts on all local SWANA chapter training registration fees
  • Staying on top of all the local regulation changes and technology advances
  • Easy access to training opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Led by dedicated volunteers, each chapter works diligently to keep their members informed, excited and proud to a part of SWANA. Many have their own newsletters, sponsor local tours and advise their elected officials on behalf of the MSW profession.

Becoming a volunteer with your local chapter allows you to lend your expertise to accomplish important chapter goals. Each chapter holds numerous meetings, influences state or provincial legislation/regulations, organizes conferences & training events; and communicates through their social networks, websites and newsletters.

SWANA-fy Your Next Chapter Meeting or Event

Need a speaker to dial up the importance of your chapter meeting? Need a SWANA-matter expert at a local conference? SWANA can help.

Request for a representative from SWANA-International to participate at your next event here:

Submit a SWANA Speaker Request