H-POWER Honolulu

Serving as a critical component to the local solid waste management plan, H-POWER provides invaluable benefits that begin with its uniquely integrated refused derived fuel and mass burn technology. This includes new municipal sludge receiving, accepting more municipal solid waste (MSW) with nearly complete diversion (including MSW, sludge, bulky waste, and City-generated tires and other combustible waste), and continually examining opportunities for improvement through refurbishments and capital projects for improved performance and profitability.

Highly prized by the community, H-POWER’s municipal sludge receiving, storage and injection facility allows controlled odor-free processing of sludge. H-POWER has pioneered ash reuse and designed the mass burn technology (MBN) for separate or combined bottom and fly ash generation.

Already producing cost-effective renewable baseloaded and dispatchable power, H-POWER will add an extensive solar panel grid as a means of reducing in-house power consumption, thereby increasing the electrical power available for the O’ahu citizens.