Karam Singh, P.E.


Project Manager, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Karam Singh works as a project manager at HDR Engineering, Inc. Mr. Singh has been working for HDR’s Solid Waste Engineering group since November 2010 and specializes in solid waste facility compliance and engineering. His areas of expertise include landfill design and permitting, landfill gas (LFG) collection systems evaluation, LFG-to-energy systems’ evaluation and landfill remediation.

Mr. Singh received his Masters of Engineering from the University of Florida, where he worked under Dr. Timothy Townsend performing solid waste research and projects, including innovative use of whole tires as bedding material for leachate recirculation/landfill gas collection. He has also been involved in different organizations throughout his academic and professional career that helped develop strong communication and interpersonal skills. Such skills were also used to deliver presentations and moderate multiple sessions at various SWANA conferences, including SWANAPalooza and Florida SWANA.

Mr. Singh has been actively involved in both Florida (FL) SWANA Chapter and SWANA National since mid-2014. In the FL-SWANA Chapter, he has been involved as a Student Scholarship Committee Chair and planned/coordinated various YP activities in the last six FL-SWANA conferences. He also served as a national YP Representative for Region 5 from 2014 to 2017 and has been serving on the YP Steering Committee since 2017 fulfilling student scholarship and student design committee responsibilities since playing a key role in initiating the competition back in 2015.

Mr. Singh is based out of Seattle, WA where he lives with his wife and newborn son.