Nexus Circular

Nexus Circular - 2021 WCER Facility Award recipient

Nexus’ advanced recycling technology converts landfill-bound plastics into new materials used to create sustainable plastics, accelerating the circular economy. Nexus is an operational, commercially-scaled converter of waste-to-virgin circular plastics from waste sources with global partners and brands including Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Phillips and others. 100% circular, ISCC Plus certified, infinite loop. Process is environmentally friendly, end-to-end business including engineering, software, front-end sorting, all regulatory requirements (EPA, State, Local)/ISCC Plus certification, training/safety, strategic pricing/positioning guided by financially-driven metrics. Operational and economically proven, Nexus has and continues to produce and ship consistent, on-spec tanker loads of offtake to large global partners who blend it in their current streams and convert to virgin plastics—Nexus has diverted ~4 million lbs. of landfill bound plastics to date. Nexus is located in Atlanta, 20 min. from the Atlanta airport.