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Biggest Safety Improvement

The SWANA Biggest Safety Improvement award showcases an exemplary safety improvement undertaken by the solid waste industry during the previous year.


Applicant must be an organization that collects, processes, recycles, or otherwise disposes municipal solid waste, or designs landfill systems and/or works around their components. The individual submitting the application must be a SWANA member.


Safety Award applications will be reviewed by members of the SWANA Safety Committee. Additional information may be requested verbally or in writing in order to evaluate the application further. The decision of winner(s) by the Committee is final.


Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 29 with the awards ceremony that took place in September at WASTECON® 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Application Questions

  1. What is the primary activity of the applicant organization?
  2. Please describe your safety program improvement for calendar or fiscal year 2022. (Limit 500 words)
  3. How did you measure the Safety Improvement?
    • Leading Indicator(s) Supporting the Program
    • Worker Accident/Injury Rate 
    • Worker Accident/Injury Claims
    • 3rd Party Claims
    • Lost Time
    • Incidents per Mile Driven
    • Incidents per Hours Operated
    • Incidents per Full Time Employee
    • Other
  4. Based on that measurement, what were the results in 2022 compared to previous years? How does this set your program apart from other potential applicants and why? (Limit 250 words)

OPTIONAL: Upload any supporting data or documentation. (Limit 5 pages)

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