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Board of Directors

SWANA Board of Directors - Forward Together

SWANA is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors (BOD) from across North America. This group is responsible for setting strategic direction and overseeing the association’s operations and policy positions. The BOD meets in person three times per year as well as holding regular conference calls.

The Board of Directors receives input from an Advisory Board made up of delegates from all SWANA chapters, technical divisions, private sectors, and from young professional members. The Advisory Board meets in person once each year in conjunction with WASTECON® and also during the preparation of SWANA’s strategic plan (once every five years). Advisory Board Delegates also participate in regular conference calls to provide input on financial, policy, and membership issues.

Elections for FY2024 officers will open May 21.

SWANA Board of Directors

Vice President
Mr. Art Mercer

Young Professional Director
Dr. Sonia Samir, P.E.

Executive Director
Richard Yep

Private Sector Director
Ms. Vita Quinn, MBA

Tech Division Director
Ms. Amy Banister

Region Directors

Region 1 Director
Mr. James D. Moore, S.C.

Region 2 Director
Mr. Rodolfo Moreno

Region 3 Director
Mr. Timothy Stephens

Region 4 Director
Mr. James M. Thornton, S.C.

Region 5 Director
Mr. Mitch Kessler, S.C.

Region 6 Director
Mr. Philip Westmoreland, PE

Region 7 Director
Ms. Dana L. Blumberg

Region 8 Director
Mr. Kevin Roche

Region 9 Director
Mr. James A. Skora, CHMM, S.C.

Region 10 Director
Ms. Mary Wittry

Region 11 Director
Ms. Mary P. Shanks

Region 12 Director
Ms. Sheri Praski, S.C.

Region 13 Director
Genevieve Alderson

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Leadership

Executive Director
Richard Yep

Ms. Ramona Simpson

Ms. Ramona Simpson, S.C.

Ms. Tiffany Dunn

Vice Chairperson
Elizabeth Osborne, S.C.

Committee Member
Dr. Lisa A. Skumatz

Private Sector Delegates

Mr. Steven Menoff

Ms. Vita Quinn, MBA

Ms. Constance Hornig

Terry Schneider

Materials Recovery
Ms. Heidi Sanborn

Mr. David B. Kaminski

Ms. Susanne Passantino

Young Professional Delegates

Young Professional Director
Dr. Sonia Samir, P.E.

Technical Division Delegates

Collection & Transfer
Mr. Donald J. Birnesser, S.C.,P.E.

Landfill Gas and Biogas
Ms. Amy Banister

Ms. Lynsey K. Baer

Landfill Management
Ms. Lynsey K. Baer, S.C.,P.E.,BCEE

Mr. Robert W. Craggs

Planning & Management
Mr. Robert W. Craggs

Ms. Allison S. Trulock

Sustainable Materials Management
Ms. Allison S. Trulock

Waste Conversion and Energy Recovery
Mr. Greg H. Gesell

Chapter Delegates

Chapter Region Delegate
Central California Sierra Chapter 1 Mr. N. Curtis Larkin, S.C.
Southern California Founding Chapter 1 Tom Koutroulis, S.C.
Pacific Basin Chapter 1 Mr. Robert A. Perron, S.C.
Northern California Gold Rush Chapter 1 Mr. James D. Moore, S.C.
Nevada Great Basin Chapter 2 Mr. Derek Muaina
New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter 2 Ms. Shirlene Sitton
Utah Beehive Chapter 2 Mr. Preston R. Lee, S.C.
Colorado Rocky Mountain Chapter 2 Mr. David E. Adams, PE
Arizona Chapter 2 Mr. Rodolfo Moreno
Oklahoma Indian Nations Chapter 3 Mr. Timothy Stephens
Texas Lone Star Chapter 3 Mr. David Vartian
Louisiana Chapter 4 Ms. Yolunda Righteous
Alabama Chapter 4 Mr. James M. Thornton, S.C.
Mississippi Chapter 4 Mr. Jimmy R. Sloan, S.C.
Georgia Chapter 4 Ms. Susan Janssen, S.C.
Florida Sunshine Chapter 5 Mr. Mitch Kessler, S.C.
Caribbean Puerto Rico Chapter 5 Mr. Fernando L. Rodriguez
Tennessee Volunteer Chapter 6 Mr. William Brock
North Carolina Chapter 6 Mr. Michael Brinchek, P.E.
South Carolina Palmetto Chapter 6 Mr. Philip Westmoreland, PE
Virginia Old Dominion Chapter 6 Mr. Timothy Torrez, P.E.
Mid-Atlantic Chapter 7 Ms. Dana L. Blumberg
New Jersey Chapter 7 Mr. Gary L. Conover, S.C.
New York Chapter 8 Ms. Carla Jordan
Northern New England Chapter 8 Mr. Kevin Roche
Northern New England Chapter 8 Mr. Barry Van Laarhoven
Illinois Land of Lincoln Chapter 9 Mr. Steven Schilling, P.E.
Michigan Chapter 9 Mr. Matt Williams
Ohio Buckeye Chapter 9 Mr. James A. Skora, CHMM, S.C.
Wisconsin Badger Chapter 9 Mr. John Welch
Indiana Hoosier Chapter 9 Ms. Debbie Hackman, S.C.
Missouri Chapter 10 Mr. Keith R. Connor
Minnesota Land of Lakes Chapter 10 Mr. Bruce Rehwaldt, PE, LEED, AP
Kansas Sunflower Chapter 10 Mr. John Hawk
Iowa Chapter 10 Ms. Mary Wittry
Nebraska Cornhusker Chapter 10 Ms. Lori Calub, P.E.
Alaska Chapter 11 Mr. Mark W. Spafford
Washington Evergreen Chapter 11 Ms. Mary P. Shanks
Beaver Chapter 11 Ms. Jenifer Stuber
Pacific Chapter - BC and Yukon 12 Ms. Karen Storry
Northern Lights Chapter 12 Ms. Sheri Praski, S.C.
Atlantic Canada Chapter 13 Genevieve Alderson
Ontario Chapter 13 Ms. Linda Churchill, S.C.
Quebec Chapter 13 Anne-Marie Hallé


Forward, Together

SWANA Strategic Plan 2023–2027 is available to the general public.