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YP Spotlight: Charnae Ware

March 4, 2021

The SWANA Young Professionals (YP) group continues to grow and expand across the country. SWANA YP members have been busy this past year speaking at SWANA events, leading teams, mentoring students and making strides in every aspect of the industry. With more than 1,000 YPs, their accomplishments are certainly something to be very proud of.

Meet Charnae Ware, Executive Director for Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission

Charnae WareIn just one year of being Executive Director for Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission, Charnae has organized several programs and projects to help environmental awareness. She diverted 6,250 pairs of shoes from a landfill through an annual shoe recycle campaign; fully re-branded her organization, giving it a new logo; and brought more focus to recycling and waste reduction for the organization and its mission to Keep Columbus Beautiful. This resulted in more partnerships with community organizations, including sustainable farms and grant organizations.

Charnae has also worked with students in her community. She hosted a program called “Magic of Recycling” for elementary-aged youth teaching them all about recycling through a fun and engaging magic show. She also held a program called “Backyard Composting,” in which the solid waste division taught the community and students ways to create a compost bin at home.

Charnae is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program at Columbus State, furthering her knowledge of government and non-profit administration. Teaching others doesn’t just stop there; she also represented both Savannah and Columbus in the Miss Georgia USA pageant system pushing the platform of economic development and sustainability.

When asked about her experience as a SWANA member, she shared, “Joining SWANA has allowed me to engage with other colleagues to learn what they have incorporated in their environment and how we can effectively do the same. It has also helped me expand my knowledge in solid waste and waste prevention. I believe the YP members are the future and should make an effort to take care and sustain the places we live for the generations to come.”

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