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The Importance of Recycling Plastic: The Rise of Rebound Plastic Exchange

February 28, 2023

Plastic waste has become a major issue in our environment. The world is grappling with how to manage and reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans and landfills with only 15 percent of plastics being recycled globally. This is where Rebound Plastic Exchange comes in, offering a solution to help tackle the plastic waste problem on a global scale.

Rebound Plastic Exchange (RPX) is a global quality assured trading platform that enables buyers and sellers to efficiently trade recycled plastic with confidence, bringing increased opportunity for recycled content for the world’s products and packaging. RPX specializes in their certification protocol in ensuring facility inspection and quality of trade are performed for all trades on the platform, providing transparency in pricing to the industry due to the trading volumes and most all ensuring all trades are regulatory compliant, and in line with the Basel Convention. Here are three unique points on how RPX solves some of the major global problems:

Customized Solutions: RPX provides customized solutions for all buyers and sellers ensuring that their needs are met. This means that businesses and organization can get the help they need to dispose of their plastic waste in an environmentally responsible way to keep the plastic within the economy and outside of our environment.

Global Platform: RPX facilitates the flow of materials beyond borders at a global scale while ensuring that the buyer and seller are closely geographically located to reduce carbon footprint and guaranteeing that there is minimal environmental impact.

High-Quality Recycled Material: RPX adheres to complex international trade agreements and movement of quality assured feedstock. This means that businesses can trade efficiently on our platform with an ease of mind as RPX works with globally renowned partners to ensure the quality of materials are of high-quality before being traded on the platform.

In conclusion, RPX is a marketplace that offers a unique global solution to the problem of plastic pollution. With its focus on high-quality recycled material, the capability of material to flow beyond bonders, and its customized solutions, RPX is an ideal partner for businesses and organizations.

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Rebound Plastic Exchange
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