SWANA's Bioreactor Landfill Operations Training Course A Huge Success

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) continues to lead the solid waste profession in training and education as they debuted their new Manager of Bioreactor Landfill Operation Training Course and certification exam in Philadelphia, PA on July 12, 2005. The two-day course was presented by Dr. Tim Townsend, Associate Professor,University of Florida, to a group of over 30 solid waste managers. Participants learned the basics of bioreactor operations, while SWANA Certified individuals also obtained continuing hours toward their SWANA Landfill (MOLO) Certification. Many of the students took the course to prepare for the Bioreactor Certification Exam, helping them become the first in the industry to possess a SWANA Bioreactor Landfill Certification.

When asked about the course, participants responded with enthusiasm, one SWANA member was so impressed by the way the "presentation further defined the dynamics of landfill leachate and gas management" that he called from the conference to suggest his Environmental Technician take the course at the next offering.

"SWANA has always pursued new and groundbreaking programs in the solid waste profession," said John Skinner, Ph. D., SWANA Executive Director and CEO. "We are hoping that the course continues to have the success that it showed in its first offering in Philadelphia."

The Manager of Bioreactor Landfill Operations class will be offered at WASTECON 2005 in Austin, TX on September 26-27. MOLO certified professionals can also sit for the Bioreactor Certification Exam on the 28th.

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