Celebrate America Recycles Day

Press Contact: Kate Krebs

National Recycling Coalition


Recycling is the focus today throughout the country as thousands celebrate America Recycles Day. Nearly every state is joining together in the annual campaign to encourage Americans to recycle and buy recycled products.

Local coordinators throughout the country have developed programs that invite a broad spectrum of citizens to get involved and commit to the program. One special feature of the effort is the opportunity to sign a personal pledge to recycle. The pledge form can be picked up at several participating organizations, or pledges can be made online at All pledges will be entered into a random drawing for a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV and several youth prizes.

America Recycles 2005 is one of the most comprehensive recycling awareness campaigns in the nation. Each year millions of people become better informed about the advantages of recycling at home and buying recycled products as a result of the group's efforts. Last year, thousands signed or e-mailed pledges to recycle and buy recycled. Local and state governments issued proclamations and resolutions in support of the program. Hundreds of events were staged to support the campaign in almost every state.

"We expect hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country to sign pledges, come to events and rally around the recycling campaign," said Kate Krebs of National Recycling Coalition. "Many people are already active recyclers and constantly look for recycled products when they shop. But for recycling to really make a difference we need to involve even more. Today is an opportunity for us to do just that as we draw attention to the events in many of our cities and communities. Recycling is a win-win situation, so we hope everybody will do their part."

This year's campaign features the theme, It All Comes Back To You. The slogan presents multiple messages: a recycled product or material can return to consumers as another new product; recycling comes back to consumers as an improved environment, preservation of resources and economic well-being of the country; and it is everyone's responsibility to recycle.

America Recycles 2005 maintains a website at where you can go for information about events in your community, to sign an online pledge to recycle and to learn more about tomorrow's statewide activities.


America Recycles Day, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, which sponsors the annual America Recycles 2005 campaign. America Recycles Day, Inc. is sponsored by Ford Motor Company, Recycle America Alliance, Staples, Inc., Novelis Corporation, American Beverage Association, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


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