SWANA Announces 2008 International Road-E-O Winners

The 2008 SWANA International Road-E-O was held on September 27, 2008, in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. Hosted by the Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter, the Road-E-O brought out 94 truck drivers, landfill equipment operators and mechanics to compete in tests of precision and skill. SWANA is pleased to announce the first, second and third place awards for each of the events along with the Top Gun (highest overall scorers) in the landfill and truck events.

2008 SWANA International Road-E-O Winners:

Truck Events

Tractor Trailer
1st Place Mark Tyler, Florida
2nd Place: Dale West, North Carolina
3rd Place: Rodney Valverde, New Mexico

Articulated Side Loader
1st Place: Ian Millar, Arkansas
2nd Place: Daniel Kirk, Kentucky
3rd Place: Ruben Riveria, Arizona

1st Place and Top Gun: Charles Bays, Kentucky
2nd Place: Michael Wilkerson, Texas
3rd Place: Gary Wooten, Kentucky

Front End Loader
1st Place: Keith Sizemore, Kentucky
2nd Place: Jamie Gaddie, Kentucky
3rd Place: Jesse Trevino, Arizona

Rear End Loader
1st Place: Ron Lilly, Arizona
2nd Place: Michael Scarth, Kansas
3rd Place: John Johnson, Arkansas

1st Place: Dennis Rigby, Florida
2nd Place: David Hill, North Carolina
3rd Place: Danny Boles, North Carolina

Landfill Equipment Events

1st Place: Michael Aldridge, Kentucky
2nd Place: Steve Morales, Arizona
3rd Place: Matt Horan, New Jersey

1st Place: Nathaniel Yazzie, Arizona
2nd Place: Elmer Van Hoorebeke, Texas
3rd Place: David Martinez, New Mexico

1st Place and Top Gun: Brian Scott, North Carolina
2nd Place: Larry Tinney, Texas
3rd Place: Daniel Chapman, Kentucky

Articulated Truck
1st Place: Mike Likes, Kentucky
2nd Place: Christopher King, Texas
3rd Place: Gary Zingaro, New Jersey

SWANA’s International Road-E-O is an annual event designed to recognize and reward the talents and skills of the men and women who collect waste, drive trucks and operate and maintain equipment. To be invited to the International Road-E-O, contestants must first be nominated by their employers for demonstrating outstanding safety and performance records on the job. They then must compete and win in a Regional Road-E-O, ensuring that the competitors at the international level really are the best of the best. The competition is sponsored each year by one of SWANA’s 45 Chapters and held in the state of the sponsoring chapter.


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