SWANA’s Inaugural Waste Conversion Technologies Showcase To Provide Crucial Insights To Elected Officials

SWANA’s Inaugural Waste Conversion Technologies Showcase will take place on Tuesday, August 23-25, 2011, and will focus on newly emerging waste conversion technologies (WCTs) for recovering energy, fuels and other resources from solid waste. Technologies covered will include gasification, plasma arc gasification, pyrolysis, hydrolysis/fermentation and anaerobic digestion technologies. The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) will be hosting this unique and important event at their annual WASTECON conference in Nashville.

Local governments are increasingly being asked to implement these technologies, many of which have limited operating data or no full scale field experience. Elected officials need to understand both the potential benefits and the potential risks of implementing these technologies, while considering their potential to provide green jobs and while converting waste into transportation fuels and other energy products. Solid waste professionals need to be able to carry out a thoughtful, critical and penetrating evaluation of these technologies as necessary to protect the interests of the citizens who, ultimately, pay the bills.

SWANA’s Inaugural Waste Conversion Technologies (WCT) Showcase will address the needs and perspectives of the public sector solid waste manager, who not only represents the local government, but who also must address critical implementation issues, such as siting and community endorsement.  The Showcase will feature an entire track of technical sessions on WCTs and associated planning and implementation topics. Both elected officials and solid waste program managers are highly encouraged to attend.

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