NSWMA & SWANA Agree To Team Up And Distribute Safety Flyer

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has agreed to jointly distribute a solid waste industry safety flyer or bill stuffer that the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) developed with the National Institute of Safety and Occupational Health (NIOSH). NSWMA and SWANA plan to distribute the piece to their members along with other industry safety resources, as part of their ongoing effort to reduce fatalities, accidents and injuries involving solid waste workers or equipment. NSWMA has been distributing the flyer for about a year, but with this partnership, SWANA will expand the reach of the Slow Down to Get Around program to SWANA’s members and their customers.

"NSWMA was pleased to help develop this flyer, which is part of our Slow Down to Get Around effort. With new federal data showing about 25 percent of motor vehicle accidents involve distracted driving, this safety message is more important than ever," stated NSWMA Safety Director David Biderman. "It is vital that we educate the public about their role in keeping solid waste employees safe. To that end, NSWMA is pleased to partner with SWANA in distributing the bill stuffer."

SWANA Executive Director and CEO John H. Skinner, Ph.D. stated, “SWANA supports NIOSH's goal of reducing injuries and fatalities among solid waste workers. If this effort can help reduce the number of solid waste collection workers that are struck by a vehicle, we will have accomplished an important objective. We are pleased to partner with NSWMA in distributing the safety flyer to our members.”

Biderman urges all haulers and governments to participate in NSWMA and SWANA safety programs and communicate the importance of working safely to their employees. NSWMA resources include regular regional safety training sessions, a weekly safety newsletter ("Safety Monday"), the NSWMA Safety Manual, a series of educational videos (the "Be Safe Be Proud" program) and a public education program ("Slow Down to Get Around") that includes a radio and television public service announcement, truck decals and a website.

Skinner said that SWANA members could take advantage of SWANA safety resources that include safety lessons in all of our certification training course manuals, safety sessions at WASTECON® our annual conference and exposition and safety education sessions at our specialty symposia and Chapter conferences.

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