For The Best Offense Against Severe Weather Events, Use SWANA Resources To Build Your Best Defense

As the East Coast braces for the impact and fall out from Hurricane Sandy, SWANA features the following information, available online, from its technical resources that we hope provides relevant and timely research for communities coping to deal with the aftermath of severe weather events:

  • Managing Wastes Produced by Natural Disasters by John H. Skinner
  • Municipal Solid Waste Collection Needs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by The SWANA Haiti Response Team
  • Hurricane Katrina Disaster Debris Management: Lessons Learned from State and Local Governments
  • Planning for the Temporary Disposal of Disaster Debris: “Where Are You Going to Put It? by Robert C. Swan
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Debris Disposal by Josephine Rudd
  • SWANA Executive Manager’s Summit on Debris Management
  • These and other invaluable resources, available online, cover a variety of information that helps waste management professionals address daily issues and situations encountered within the solid waste industry.

    According to John H. Skinner, SWANA’s Executive Director and CEO, “The old adage ‘the best offense is a good defense’ holds true in situations like Hurricane Sandy. This severe weather event reminds communities of the need to put disaster response plans in place beforehand to be in a position to best deal with the large volumes of waste generated from these severe weather events.”

    SWANA offers members 24/7 access to hundreds of industry-specific presentations, white papers, and research on topics such as: debris management and disaster-related cleanup within SWANA’s eLibrary.

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