SWANA Report Addressing Recycle Right Programs Free to Members

ARF Executive Summary: Encouraging Better Recycling Behavior

SWANA’s Applied Research Foundation’s report reviews programs and their effect on contamination

Silver Spring, MD – The SWANA Applied Research Foundation (ARF) is making the report, Encouraging Better Curbside Recycling Behaviors, free to SWANA members. This important new report, presenting the costs and effectiveness of educational programs designed to address and improve recycling behaviors, follows the ARF report released in March 2021, Reducing Contamination in Curbside Recycling Programs, which addressed curbside recycling contamination.

“As local governments and others assess how to improve their recycling programs and reduce contamination, this new ARF report will be invaluable,” stated David Biderman, SWANA Executive Director and CEO. “Reducing contamination is a key objective of EPA’s National Recycling Strategy, and this report provides useful guidance. SWANA will be working closely with EPA and other recycling stakeholders to implement the Strategy using some of the lessons learned from this report,” Biderman added.

“We are proud to be able to provide this valuable and timely report to all SWANA members,” said Jeremy O’Brien, SWANA’s Director of Applied Research. “SWANA would like to recognize and thank the organizations that comprise the ARF’s Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) research group that identified and voted on this topic as well as supported and assisted in the research.”

The full report, Encouraging Better Curbside Recycling Behaviors, is currently available to SWANA ARF subscribers and SWANA members. To download the report, click here.

To learn more about the report and to download the executive summary, click here.

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